Glasstec 2016 highlights

Glass industry restarts at glasstec 2016 event

Attending Glasstec 2016 proved to be very exciting for GLASSCON as it was an ideal opportunity to connect with anyone involved in the glass market. Meeting with global industry leaders, researching new products from top suppliers and discussing inspiring future projects was a great experience for everyone. During the conferences, renowned speakers shed light on the latest trends in structural glazing and new application possibilities in building skins. As an innovation forum for future glass applications, this trade show is the most important catalyst for the international glass sector with exhibits revolving around free-form, ultra-thin, solid and informative glass. Some of the highlights included smart glass that can adapt to varying light conditions such as electrochromic glass, interactive glass as a carrier of information and electronics, as well as head-up displays and smart-home functions or an interactive all-glass sports floor.

In regards to materials and applications, new possibilities have arisen using technologically advanced structural sealant materials as well as cold bending during lamination techniques. One of the most impressive exhibits in the show, was a fully transparent 4m high triangulated glass structure with a 9m long slide, constructed only using adhesive bonds and no mechanical fixings at all. A great example on how excellent engineering combined with quality construction techniques can achieve a stunning and unique design for glass structures.

Glasstec is the leading global trade fair for the glass sector bringing together industry experts from the areas of mechanical engineering, glass production, processing and finishing, skilled crafts, architecture/construction as well as window/ façade and solar systems. Glasstec 2016 event provided impressive proof of its excellence again this year, through its high percentage and quality of international visitors. Glasstec 2016 hosted 1.235 exhibitors from 52 countries while more than 40.200 trade visitors from over 100 countries attended the trade fair.